Our specialty is show-units, property galleries and exhibition booths.


We collaborate with developers in showcasing their products in neutral design palettes, promoting warmth, elegance and serenity. Having been in the business since 2001, we have worked with various prestigious upmarket property developers in Kuala Lumpur, Seremban and the Klang Valley.  Our designs are meticulously tailored to suit each individual architectural concept.



Our direction has always been that of working in close association with property developers.


Alongside our clients, we pursue beautiful, elegant interior architecture, inspired by context and location, marrying form and function, and always remaining mindful of value. We see each project through, from concept right up to delivery, with emphasis on the most minute details to preserve and maintain our high standard and quality.  Upon completion and handing over of each show-unit, we are actively involved in the launches together with the developers. At this point we are continually at the forefront of the presentation and viewing, where buyers would seek our ideas for their own residences or property investments.



Our concept is streamlining each individual unit to accentuate the architectural design language, to create stylish, elegant yet

homey and practical homes for discerning home buyers. 


Our strength lies in knowing what the buyers want and producing design concepts that exceed their expectations.  With vast experience spanning fifteen years, and more than eighty show-units, property galleries and exhibition booths to our credit, we pride ourselves in consistently creating designs that empower our developer-clients to showcase their products and to sell them at a premium, time and time again.